STV Cosmetics

STV cosmetics is a compact make-up collection from the United Kingdom.
The brand was founded in 2016 by Steve Roach, an experienced makeup artist with more than 15 years’ experience. Steve’s love for horror movies, zombies, and aliens brought him into the world of the beauty industry. He started his career with professional makeup on television and continued in beauty salons. Steve says that he is very lucky with his work, because his working days are so different. He takes part in all aspects of his business, conducts workshops and trainings, and is involved in creating makeup apps as well.
Steve worked with many well-known brands, but realized that they had too wide range. That confused the owners of beauty salons and they had to spend money on unnecessary products. So that was how the idea of creating a unique compact collection was born.

“STV Cosmetics is a compact collection but with big ambitions,” says Steve. “It has everything what you need. You do not need to spend a lot of money on purchases to enter this profitable beauty market.”

When Steve was asked which of his products was his favorite one, Steve replied that «It’s like asking parents to choose their favorite child». However, finally, he chose the new BB Cream as one of his favorites in the STV line-up. «I’m sure BB creams are great! They perfectly protect the skin from harmful UV rays. And the most important thing is that although this cream provides a fairly dense coating, it leaves your clients’ skin natural and fresh! This is why this BB cream is perfect for both women and men»

Steve about his work: “I have been blessed by great people who have helped me along my professional way, and I am so grateful for that! And now it’s time for me to help someone achieve their own dreams»

Currently STV Cosmetics is international brand, having won love not only in the UK, but also for all Europe.

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