On June 22, the State Duma hosted a meeting of the Expert Council on Foreign Economic Activity under the State Duma Committee

26 July 2021

On June 22, the State Duma hosted a meeting of the Expert Council on Foreign Economic Activity under the State Duma Committee. It was a face-to-face and distance meeting, with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Russian Export Center.

“It began with the fact that an initiative group of Rimma Vagapova and Mikhail Antipov came to us with a proposal to hold an expert council on the topic: “Promotion of perfumery and cosmetic products and equipment of Russian manufacturers to foreign markets”.

What was discussed:
1. Digitalization of the sphere of promoting Russian manufacturers` goods to our markets as well as to foreign markets, as a tool for business development and job creation.
2. Support of small businesses. Registration of perfumery and cosmetic products of Russian manufacturers on the European market.
3. The interaction of Russian trade representatives in foreign countries with manufacturers of Russian perfumery and cosmetic products.

Participants, including experts from the Laser Association, today agreed that this topic is the intersection of digitalization, export, import substitution, support of small and medium-sized businesses and even support of the quality of life in the “third age”.

Everybody also supported the proposals on the need to expand communication and mutual assistance of market participants on the creation of a single community of industry exporters, the need to create an ecosystem to promote this topic, a global digital beauty platform, an annual Forum on this business, etc.”, said the deputy of the State Duma A.L. Vetluzhskikh.

Mikhail Konstantinovich Antipov supported R.M. Vagapova in organizing the global digital platform Beatarium, evaluating the initiative to digitize the field of cosmetology and equipment of a high degree of sophistication in the key of the existing network of manufacturers that have export potential and channels of counterparties abroad.

M.K. Antipov, for his part, emphasized that the existing competencies in terms of export will allow converting the products that are already available, adapting them to the needs and demands of foreign markets. “When a digital add-on appears in the form of a platform, which has already been developed and is being prepared for implementation, the project itself already looks like a core, to which everything that is missing will quickly be added.

Mikhail Konstantinovich expressed the readiness of his agency to cooperate. “We will wait for the forum and other events and help with”, M.K. Antipov added in conclusion to his report.

The meeting was attended by:
1. Andrey Vetluzhskikh, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, co-chairman of the Expert Council for the development of foreign economic activity.
2. Mikhail Konstantinovich Antipov, Head of “Mikhail Antipov Export Agency”, Individual Enterpreneur.
3. Rimma Vagapova, Head of “Beutarium, digital beauty platform”
4. Svetlana Grigorieva, Head of “Amica Cosmetics”, Individual Enterpreneur.
5. Victoria Kuzmina, General Director of Genius Cosmetology LLC
6. Tatyana Puchkova, Chairman of the Russian Perfume and Cosmetic Association (PCAR)
7. Alexander Orlov, Director of the Department of the chemical-technological complex and bioengineering technologies of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
8. Vladimir Minaev, Member of the collegium of national experts of the international scientific and technical organization “Laser Association”, Deputy Head of LLC NTO “IRE-Polyus”
9. Irina Arkadieva, Deputy Head of the Chemical Industry Division of the Department of the Chemical-Technological Complex and Bioengineering Technologies of the Ministry of Industry and Trade

In the near future, the initiative group represented by Rimma Vagapova will organize the first Forum of manufacturer exporters of cosmetic products, equipment and services. The dates of the Forum will appear in our News section.