November, 24 – MODA topical

24 November 2020

24 November at the most beautiful Moscow place – “Chayka” restaurant – was held the press breakfast of the newspaper “MODA topical”

Awesome vibes, brilliant speakers, lovely partners, interesting guests and delicious food were the main components of that morning by MODA topical

The chief editor met the guests – Miss Univers, a tv host Oxana Fedorova

The famous friends of the newspaper visited the event: Natalya Bochkareva, Nadin and Nikita Serovsky, Masha Veber, Angelika Agurbash.

The event hosts were Pavel Roslik and Elena Shvec.

One of the speakers was Rimma Bote, the founder of the unique beauty space Beautarium Expo Online. At the Breakfast for the first time was presented Online platform for owners and customers of beauty business.

The event was supported by famous media and Fashion TV

The speakers of the Press Breakfast:

Alexandra Chyornaya – designer clothes Alexander&Alexandra

Rimma Vagapova-Bote – the founder of the unique futuristic beauty place Beautarium Expo Online

Alexandra Gromova – jewellery brand Alexandra Gr.

Ekaterina Tevis – The chocolate workshop Teville

Ludmila Sukach – jewellery brand ROBERTO BRAVO

Nati Gurgenidze – NANNIC International

Alyona Chmelyova – design studio AC Interiors

Salomeya Abalyan – L’art clinic

Elena Goncharova – the founder of Goncharova Design

Maru Gulishan – the founder of НА СТИЛЕ

Lara Sforze – the general manager in LNС – Leading Novator in Cosmetology

Irina Kalinina – the founder of international law company LEGAL WORLD LLC

Liana Davidyan – a co-owner and the general manager of Аvroraclinic

Katya Gordon – a Russian lawyer and owner of «Гордон и сыновья»

Amalya Asaturyan – The head of РОСТ@kcrost and the center of psychosocial adaptation and behaviour correction САНСАРА

Irina Golubeva – a Professional make-up Artist and the founder of online school Make Up for Myself and IG Beauty

Tatyana Zvetkova – a co-founder of Mellennium Group of companies

Sergei Tyoplyh – the manager of СЮЦАЙ России

At the event was conducted a lottery with many presents from partners: designer Maru Gulishan, cosmetic brand Lisap, jewellery brands Roberto Bravo and Alexandra Gromova, Swiss brand «Elixa», brand Alexander&Alexandra.